Saturday, 14 February 2009

Saturday February 14th starting from 12:30 pm slt on the live stage of Torino Vera ( some of the best SL live musicians will perform live some of their original love songs:

Shamanes ,Davecorbett Darwin, UKD Project ,TB Andel,Moxy Barracuda, Swina Allen,Pakito Crimson ,Euodia Baxton and others will be on stage for the best Valentine's party inworld!

The CD "Second Love Songs" is available to download for free during the performance and it will include other SL live musicians original tunes .

The lineup of the event will be:

12.40 : Shamanes

Shamanes combine the best Latin rhythms, music and joy - all dance tunes, but today they will perform two romantic love songs:
"Corazon de Madera" and "Demonio de Amor".

1:10: UKD Project

UKD Project grew as an RL band but wanted new live music experiences and got in SL. They are playing original songs composed by Anto and Rola.
The originals are variate with famous covers. The genre of their music is a mix of pop, soul and rock.

They will play two original tunes : "The moon and the water" and "Treasure".
His style of World Music is based on Portuguese Folk Music with a original touch of jazz, fado and afro music. Played with a hand crafted Electric Ukulele bringing great clearity with the love of music he brings to all listening. TB is a experienced and professional musician playing around the world for the last 24 years with his original music and also keeping Portuguese Tradition alive!!

TB will play two songs: "Funda" and "Entre Beiras".

1:40 Moxy Barracuda

Moxy is a singer/recording artist from Jacksonville, Florida who has found a home in Atlanta. His distinctive sound of rock with a funk base has been a favorite of SecondLife music lovers for over 2 years now.
He will play two songs: "December Wind" (song about how love can warm the coldest things) and "Tell Me" (which is a timely song with all the layoffs).

Download: December Wind

1:50 Swina Allen

Swina is a jazz guitarist and vocalist who performs original music in SL, created solely by him in his RL home studio. He loves playing blues, jazz, and fusion and counts BB King, Eric Clapton, and Santana among his favorite musicians.
Pakito is a 33 years old musician from Barcelona, Spain. He has played in bands since he was 15 as guitarist and bass player.
He will play his original song "Sin sentido"

Download: Sin sentido

2:10 Reis Alter and Ald Alter

Their musical genre is trip-hop/bossa nova/electrosamba/bolero/indie-Brasil with elements of trip hop and classic melt with Brazilian music like bossa nova.
Concerts are alternations of Aldo Brizzis' originals and remixes of classical Brazilian blends like Jobim or Vinicius. REIS' interpretations exalt their unique characters.

They will play two oiginals: "Eu sei que vou te amar" and "Statte vicino a'mme"

She is the essence of music. Since birth music has been a spiritual force driving her very existence, but for the past 14 years her entire life has revolved around music.
She will sing her original "Dreamin"

Download: Dreamin

Other artists decided to send their original tunes for Second Love Songs:

DonFranko Dagostino:
With his song and album "Let's dream together" Frank Berens (aka DonFranko Dagostino)
won great critical aclaim and with it he also won "VOICE OF THE YEAR" from FFH a major German radio station)

Download: Let's Dream Together

RobertoTardito Freenote

Italian singer and songwriter, Roberto started making music in 1998. In 2003 he wrote the music for the theatral show 'Simone Weil'. After that, in 2004-2005 he presented his songs in several live shows, included a performance during Tavagnasco Rock Festival. In that night he performed on the same stage as Mauro Pagani and Morgan. He currently has released 3 cd "CONTROVENTO" in 2007 and "DISTANZE" and "OTREBOR" in 2008.

Download: Irish Heart - Notti dell'altro mondo

Davecorbett Darwin

Dave believes SL is the perfect platform from which to promote awareness of such issues as human rights injustice, child abuse, animal rights, saving our planet and other forms of world peace and ecology.

Dave will sing: "Tell Me I'm Your Friend "and "Missing You".

Definitely this compilation is a sort ow work in progress:we expect to gather many other orignal SL original tunes, in order to show the strength of the live music community inworld!